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OK, so I've added a couple of bits, so it isn't so much a gripe about my former employers anymore. That should balance it out a bit...

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So what is it all about?

Easy. It's a way of letting a bit of steam off. A way of expressing myself so that I don't bottle it all up and explode. I should point out that all items on this site are my own work and views unless stated otherwise and are not the views of the host(s) of the site. This site might go without updates for a while, but don't despair.

Fancy adding your own stuff? Well, if you send something to the main Crashnet address, I might consider it, but I make no promises. I may add a responses section later if I think there is a need.


Corporate greed in local authority. The names have all been changed to protect the guilty...


A story of corporate greed...


Hemhemballz 3
Potholing can be fun. Life in a council, however...


Hemhemballz 2
More from the halls of Hemhem...


Hemhemballz 4
Antfarm goes bubbye! The people of Hemhem rejoice...

Other gripes


Road R-Age
A funny thing happened on the way to...


The Sky's The Limit
My personal take on the Digital TV Revolution and the greed within.


Spoof Ads
The idea is that I will put in here spoofs on TV adverts. Some ads need no spoofing; they are funny enough, but I hope this will eventually turn into a collection of my biggest ad gripes. All suggestions are gratefully received (within reason!)


Digital Rubbish
An extension of the "Sky's The Limit" gripe from 2002, with an explanation (pictorial and literal) of what we have to suffer these days on British television, along with some extremely dodgy latin... Updated 13-Feb-2004

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