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Three minutes for Daria - take part in the latest phase of the campaign to get Daria on DVD

This site is now being remodelled, although access to its various pages can still be achieved while remodelling work is carried out. These include access to the Library and the Anime Index. Please note, however, that while remodelling continues, some pages and links may be broken for a time.

I have also moved the site from its ancestral home of Argonet to the main Crashnet website, where it will be safe at least until 2004. I shall be making a number of changes to the way in which the files are saved too, but I'll let you know about that when it happens.

Latest changes - 24-Feb-2004

For sale
I have, over the last few years, been collecting DVD's. Inevitably this has led to me piling up VHS versions of anime that I no longer really need. I have collated a list of tapes that I have available for sale.

Latest changes - 20-Sep-2003

I have finally loaded the CAPOW mirror as I hoped to do earlier in the year. Some of it has been upgraded for HTML 4.01 compliance, but if you have any problems, please consult the live CAPOW library.

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