Review - Hand Maid May

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Review - Hand Maid May

Postby mistie710 » Sat Oct 23, 2010 11:25 am

You are a computer nerd who spends all his time working on a project to make a robotic squid. There is a ladder connecting your room with the room of a rather nice girl across the way who happens to be the daughter of the landlord. Well, that's how it starts out for Saotome Kazuya (no, he isn't related to that other Saotome), resident of Kasumi House and said attractive girl, Kasumi (coincidence? Heh!)

The story would probably stay like that except for the existence of Nanbara, a rather loud, self-centred and, above all, rich brat who styles himself as Kazuya's best friend and worst enemy. It seems that, despite all his wealth, Nabara is incapable of besting Kazuya as far as people liking him. Kazuya is poor but popular. We join the story, therefore, at a point where Nanbara has decided to try to infect Kazuya's computers with a virus of his own creation. The upshot, however, is that Kazuya is left in possession of a tiny maid android called May and a rather large bill.

The story quickly turns into yet another harem anime, though nearly all of the females concerned are "Maids". Only two of them are actually maids as such; May herself starts out as a 1/6th scale girl while another full size maid, Mami, shows up later in the series. There's also Sara, who starts out as the company debt collector with a taste for ramen and a striking resemblance to Tenchi Muyo's Ryoko but later falls in love with Kazuya; Kei, who has been programmed with quite a bit of knowledge but occasionally finds that the human ways can be a little inconvenient at times (OK, so how much is a pinch?) and Rena, a rather bratty type who was originally sent to recover May but... well, the pattern is fairly standard.

In fact, the whole series is fairly standard. If you have seen enough harem stories, you will recognise what they were trying to do with this series and it won't surprise you to know that there is no actual conclusion to the love polygon, even by the end of the series when things start getting tense. Even the artwork is nothing special in that Kazuya is a little like a taller version of Keiichi from Ah Megamissama but with glasses, or possibly a slight variation on Tenchi. The series if fine but it breaks no new ground at all; I suspect that it was riding the tails of the harem explosion when it was made, hence Pioneer LDC only put out 11 of these. If you want maid/harem shows, then the strikingly similar Mahoromatic would probably do you.
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