This will be a collecting point for my past anime reviews and future reviews. Please note that there will be the inevitable time references in these as they have been lifted from my old LiveJournal (I'll keep the existing ones there for now)


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Welcome to Anime Reviews from Hell. And old title but a new location, I have now copied across all my reviews from LiveJournal to here for future reference, and I shall shortly be moving all the older reviews from The Lurker's Retreat too. Although I shall not be removing the LiveJournal reviews from their original home, all future reviews will be posted here and nowhere else (this includes Usenet where copies of my reviews used to be posted to rec.arts.anime.misc and uk.media.animation.anime up until a couple of months or so ago - not that you shouldn't keep reading those groups. I still occasionally drop in for a chat and many of the regulars are good to know too with plenty of experience and such).
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