Review - Android Ana Maico 2010

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Review - Android Ana Maico 2010

Postby mistie710 » Wed Sep 29, 2010 11:34 pm

This is another one of those "I read the manga, now I'll watch the anime" type reviews that I seem to end up doing every so often.

Actually, I rather liked the manga, but I was warned early on that the anime was only loosely based on it. The warning seemed apt as, apart from using some of the charas and a few situations, the anime seems to focus more on the show than the title chara. For those that haven't read it, Maico is actually an android invented by Masudamasu, a woman with more than a few hangups. Maico is introduced into a team to front a radio show in a world where radio is struggling to survive. This team consists of an overbearing director, a wimp assistant director, a production assistant that spends much of her time reading magazines, a writer that smokes too much and a mysterious sound man who doesn't talk. There are a lot more people in the manga and the situations change a lot with a number of storylines that the anime never touches on, so I'll say for now that the whole anime series, with one solitary exception, is based in the radio production studio.

The group has been brought together to try to make a late night show consisting of a radio play, music and advice, though they throw a few other ideas in on occasion to try to bring the audience figures up. The audience, however, tends to stay away in droves but this doesn't stop them trying, trying, trying again. Maico herself, being an android, has problems of her own, mostly related to the fact that giving advice to humans when she doesn't really have any feelings of her own is a bit tricky. The guy in charge of promotion also constantly annoys by bringing in sponsors and such who generally are guaranteed to cause havoc, especially the CEO of a company called CoDoMo who is actually a spoilt brat who just likes to smash things up and has the idea that an android should be box shaped with all sorts of weapons, something that Maico is certainly not!

There are twenty-four episodes, rather short ones at that, though it is certainly an enjoyable way to spend fifteen minutes, though some of the episodes at the end get a little heavy. We deal, at various points in the series, with all the cast and their hangups except for Masudamasu for whom, I suppose, it would take a little too long to get everything out in the open. For one, it means a night locked in and embarrassment in the morning. For another, a happy ending delayed by loyalty to the show. For another, a way to work out a personal problem and yet another will encounter and reconcile the past. For Maico, it's a learning experience and for the whole team it is the realisation that perfection itself is not necessarily the answer.

What can I say? The art is good, though Maico's hair gets a bit weird in places, and the music, what there is of it (an OP and an ED and that's about it, more or less) is catchy. The stories are short and don't spend a lot of time relating to each other but even so are good enough for me. It's not an earth shattering series but I was left feeling that I wouldn't mind seeing more, so it can't be bad.
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