Review - Dragon Pink

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Review - Dragon Pink

Postby mistie710 » Wed Sep 29, 2010 11:34 pm

For the hentai fans out there...

Well, it's nothing special. Three episodes of Santa, a "hero" of whom the best description I could give is "jerk", exploiting Pink, a cat girl "slave" along with his two companions, a muscle-bound warrior type and a sorceress whose powers are increased on ingesting a certain protein only found when sucking a certain male member. The group wanders around, looking for loot, fighting baddies and monsters, all the sorts of things that you might see in a series such as Slayers or Ruin Explorers but with much less detail.

The stories, for there were three unrelated ones, were just enough to explain away the sex scenes. These were certainly not safe for work but I wasn't that impressed. Maybe I've become desensitized over the years to that sort of thing. Trouble is that, if you remove the sex, the rest is pretty pointless and, if you aren't impressed with the sex (I'm pretty sure I've seen better), then the whole show is pointless.

It's not a recent release either, so I'd probably say this is one only for hentai completists. Otherwise, totally missable. Just a reminder to myself that, though I'm a lot more selective about the anime I view these days, I can still occasionally pick up a lemon. Er... maybe I should rephrase that... :oops:
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