Review - Gall Force - The Revolution

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Review - Gall Force - The Revolution

Postby mistie710 » Wed Sep 29, 2010 11:32 pm

This isn't a complete review as I have yet to watch the complete series, but this is a reworking of an old series and, yet again, I'm not sure whether it was really a good idea. Let me explain.

Once upon a time, a group of people referring to themselves as ArtMic produced a number of shows which, for one reason or another, became very popular but, again for different reasons, weren't always finished in the way they planned. Years later, the series was revamped, redesigned and released to a new audience but, for various reasons, the re-release looked and felt almost entirely unlike the original. A good case in point was Bubblegum Crisis - Tokyo 2040 which, while not being a bad series, suffered from the baggage of being compared with the original series, thus negating any possible value it might have gained on its own for the sake of somebody in the management hierarchy deciding to reuse the name for some short term value. While Tokyo 2040, as I said, wasn't a bad series, its lack of any continuity with the original series meant that it had limited appeal, fans of the original denouncing it as a pale imitation and a sacrilege while more recent fans with no such hangups about the original stuck with it only long enough until the next new thing came along and they lost interest. The trouble was that it had all been done before, not least by the original series, however flawed that may have been.

So it was with BGC, and so it seems to be with Gall Force. Again, we have a war which seems to have been going on for far longer than anyone remembers. Again we have the mysterious girl who pops up out of nowhere to attempt to stop this war. However this is as close to the original as it gets as, apart from the use of a number of the names from the original, it looks and sounds almost entirely unlike the original. The original Sonoda designs for the crew are replaced by a bunch of designs that seemed to have been cribbed from a number of other series including ludicrous hair styles (they have gone in a lot for hair that curls around the eyes to give a false "megane" effect, especially with Rabby and Catty), the mecha bears little similarity with the original and there seems to be no mention of the Paranoid, the two antagonists appearing to be different factions of the Solnoid.

So what does this leave us with? Well, it seems that we have the same problem here that we had with Tokyo 2040 in that it has so little similarity with the original series that it will infuriate those Gall Force fans that hoped that this might have been a worthy sequel, but is good enough to have been a viable release on its own if it hadn't been saddled with the baggage of its predecessor so will probably be a short term success with those that weren't into the original series. And therein lies the rub; Bubblegum Crisis and Gall Force were both series that were ahead of the game and, as such, have stood the test of time and have carried fans along with them so that, even now, they are still known, even liked. Tokyo 2040 and Revolution are shows that might have been credible on their own had the management not chosen to use names and references to their predecessors but, since they have, they now have to live up to their names and, I'm sorry to say, they haven't got a prayer.

It's a four part series and, if you aren't afraid to try it, give it a go. Try, however, to ignore the references to the earlier shows and enjoy it for what it is. Oh, and there is some nudity involved. This is quite certainly NSFW and not totally kiddy friendly.
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