Review - Excel Saga

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Review - Excel Saga

Postby mistie710 » Thu Sep 30, 2010 1:06 am

One of the nicer aspects of anime is its ability to poke fun at itself. From Otaku No Video to Project A-ko, anime has had those titles that take the best and the worst of itself and turn them all into something totally hilarious.

Another title that does this is Quack Experiments Anime - Excel Saga. Each episode takes a different aspect, including a plot to assasinate its creator, and totally screws it up in the name of ACROSS, an "organisation" bent on city-wide (and eventually world) conquest. The series, based on a manga of the same name and modus operandii, centres on three specific groups. First of all, there is ACROSS - this consists of the title chara, Excel, a wastefully energetic young lady who is hopelessly besotted with the group leader, Ilpallazzo. A third member of the group joins a couple of episodes in, that being the mysterious Hyatt, who has a rather disturbing habit of dying on a regular (and often bloody) basis. Her bloody antics in the "Pedro the Movie" flashback episode have to be seen to be believed!

Then we have the saga of Pedro, an immigrant worker who dies in the first episode and then goes through much to get back his son and his sexy wife from "That Man". Then we have Excel's neighbours who eventually end up working for the civil service under Kabapu, the man with the detachable moustache. Added to these are the Will of the Macrocosm - a strange feminine creature that can reset the storyline but who falls for Pedro, Ropponmatsu 1 & 2 - two odd androids and Menchi, a dog that just happens to be Excel's emergency food supply!

Nobody is safe from the lampooning of Excel Saga, be it Sailor Moon, Fist of the North Star or... dare I say it... Mickey Mouse! A few jokes are likely to be obscure for anyone that missed out on the classics, but it has enough to sustain anyone that wants to see anime satire at its best. If you want serious anime, go somewhere else! Mitsuo, menda, naha naha!
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