Review - Hyperpolice

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Review - Hyperpolice

Postby mistie710 » Thu Sep 30, 2010 1:04 am

That was quite a marathon last night as I sat through Hyperpolice from start (about 7pm) to finish (after 5am!).

Was it worth it? Well, I've watched far worse than this. The story revolves around a world of the future where Man's evil has finally torn a rift between his own world and the world of "monsters" leading to a society made up of humans (now an endangered species), part humans and strange creatures, all of whom get into trouble every so often. The world does have its own police but that is supplemented by "bounty hunters" who pursue and arrest criminals for cash.

In particular, the story focuses on Natsuki, a half-cat that works, initially, for a cash-strapped bounty hunter company but later has to find alternative outlets for her talents. She has a werewolf for a love interest, an eight-and-a-fifth-tailed fox as a partner and a number of other odd creatures as work colleagues, from a muscular young woman with a gun fetish to a love struck werewolf (well, he insists that he is one but he seems to everyone more like a dog) to a small horned girl with bat wings. She has rivals, she has problems and she has the overall tendency to act like a cat at the most inopportune times. She also has a couple of "parasites", Fujin and Raijin, who help her out with a nifty little trick with electricity, a sometimes scary ability with swords, daggers and knives and a really bad aim with a gun, a fact that becomes obvious in the opening episode where she shoots the love of her life in the head rather than the criminal she was trying to stop!

The anime is based on the manga of the same name and doesn't often depart from the storyline set out in that. The story is ultimately one of asking whether the species can live together, and it would appear that people on both sides in various high positions want to separate the humans and the monsters. What becomes clear late in the series is that Natsuki is a key player, but she doesn't find that out until very late on, and her decision could shape the world of the future.

So, was it worth it? Hyperpolice isn't a bad anime, but I can hardly call it fantastic. It settles down into a well worn routine that so many shows of this type have done, with little to distinguish it from them. Having said that, some of the charas and plots have their moments, from the trials and tribulations of Peau, the water summoner, to the somewhat underused comic potential of Grey, the horned girl I mentioned earlier, to the various attempts by Sakura, the almost-nine-tailed fox, to eat her partner so that she can get her ninth tail. Yes, I think it was worth it. It isn't earth-shatteringly brilliant, but it was an enjoyable way to spend a few hours after a hard day at the office grind. Yeah, Peau has every sympathy from me!
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