Review - Slow Step

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Review - Slow Step

Postby mistie710 » Thu Sep 30, 2010 1:00 am

And so to the other bit of Western Connection anime that I managed to see again recently. A few years back, Viz released a short series of short stories called Short Program, based on the work of Mitsuru Adachi. What often surprised me, however, was that none of the US companies picked up on a piece of anime that was produced from Adachi's work called Slow Step. The series, however, did make it to the UK thanks to WC. The show is 100% pure, unadulterated shojo, much as you might expect if you are familiar with Adachi, and would probably be familiar ground if you have had the chance to read the Viz series.

The story starts with a hit and run incident outside an apartment building. Hearing the commotion, one of the residents, Nakazato Minatsu, opens the bathroom window and peers out to view the incident and notes that the car speeding away has an unusual design on its hood. Having reported this to the police, she then sees the car parked in the road and calls again to report it but, when she does, she uses the phone in a cafeteria occupied by its owners. They find out where she lives and, before they can do anything to her, one of her neighbours, a boy called Naoto, steps in to help out. Actually, the whole story is a pretty complex set of plots and subplots but the main plot boils down to a love triangle with Minatsu as the focus, Naoto and childhood friend Shuu as the main rivals for her affection (this happens after Naoto falls in love with the disguised Minatsu, a.k.a. Sudo Maria) and the often lecherous softball coach, Yamazakura, who turns out to be a foster father to his dead sister's daughter, Chika.

The artwork is pretty faithful to Adachi, as is the storyline, though some of the subplots were ruthlessly cropped to allow the series to fit into the five episodes that were produced. Unlike Kimagure Orange Road which I also recetly reviewed, the story doesn't finish with a big showdown between the rivals - that happens in the middle! I said it was complex! The series is now pretty hard to come by and may not appeal to those that like the more recent styles of anime but, for anyone that is into Adachi or Tomoko Taniguchi or anything like that, I think you'll like it.
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