Review - Adolescence of Utena

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Review - Adolescence of Utena

Postby mistie710 » Thu Sep 30, 2010 12:59 am

I knew I'd get unlucky sooner or later.

Adolescence of Utena is a movie based heavily on the Revolutionary Girl Utena anime and manga, to the extent that it borrows some of the music and a few specifics from the prior work, but there it all falls apart.

The Ohtori Academy, for example, is so heavily redesigned that you will not recognise it. Actually, the Academy seemed to be based around an implausible network of narrow, overlaid buildings. Not duelling arena, no rose conservatory, though there is a rose garden that doubles up as an arena in one part. Only two duels take place in the entire film, those being Saionji and Arisugawa, Akio only makes fleeting appearances, Utena appears to have had a fling in the past with Touga before either had shown up there, and the whole coffin bit has been killed. That might not necessarily be a problem, but the whole story behind the movie is heavily disjointed, cut badly in order to fit it into the time allowed, and the ending is, in my own view, very silly indeed.

Other things to watch out for in this are cameo "videos" including Nanami in cow form (her only appearance) doing a sight gag with Chu-chu (again his only appearance) and a creature that reminds me of the crocodile creature found in some of the Hiroshi Aro works, as well as a lengthy scene towards the end in which a number of charas turn into cars!

On the whole, I am disappointed as I enjoyed the anime series, and liked what I saw of the manga too, but I would strongly suggest that you avoid the movie. It just isn't worth the effort!
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