Review - Those Who Hunt Elves

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Review - Those Who Hunt Elves

Postby mistie710 » Thu Sep 30, 2010 12:58 am

You can really go off people!

Again, this is one of those series that I picked up on in manga form a long time before I saw the anime, and I'm not altogether sure of how much I remember the manga to say for certain that it follows exactly the same plot, though it does appear to me that the two versions are at odds in places and a large arc from the manga doesn't appear to have made it into the anime. A shame.

Anyway, to sum up, three humans and a tank have been brought into this alternative world, and must be returned. In order to do so, a spell must be constructed by Celcia, a rather important elf. However, one of the humans, a curry obsessed lout called Junpei, interferes and the spell is fragmented around the land. The fragments, in fact, have fastened themselves to the skin of a number of elves and, in order to recover them, the humans need to find these elves. How to find the fragments? How do you think?

As the manga translation has it: ELVES MUST BE STRIPPED!!!

This, of course, is highly embarrassing for the elves, though it only appears that we are concerned with female elves in this series. In other words, this series is all about gratuitous fan service! Junpei, Airi, Ritsuko, Mihke the tank and Celcia (who becomes a dog and, later, a panda for reasons I won't go into here) roam the land, searching for elves who are stripped and, if a fragment is found, the fragment is removed and placed on Celcia, the idea being that the reconstructed spell can then put these troublesome humans back where they came from.

As I said before, I read the Yu Yagami manga a long time ago, and I enjoyed it. I also enjoyed the anime, though I don't recall ever developing such a hatred for Junpei when reading the series. While Airi, the actress, is certainly an interesting chara and Ritsuko, the arms otaku, is charming, I can certainly side with Celcia when I say that Junpei is boorish, imbecilic and tactless. I suppose that having such a reaction is indicative of my enjoyment of the series.
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