Review - Here Is Greenwood

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Review - Here Is Greenwood

Postby mistie710 » Wed Sep 29, 2010 11:43 pm

I was just looking back over my past entries and found that I had promised to review this! Ooops...

Well, it goes something like this. Just imagine that you have a sizeable crush on a girl, but that girl then marries your elder brother. A brother with a habit of taking the rise out of you. Also, a brother that has been acting as your only family after the parents vanished to another dimension. Then, shortly before you are due to start at your new college, you are suddenly hospitalised and end up starting the term a little late. When you do finally show up, you decide to steer clear of home because of the distractions there and book in for a school dormitory place. You are booked in to a dorm which features a number of crackpots including a manipulative head, a large number of religious zealots, a working arcade, a guy that shares his room with his bike (yes, the motor type) and a roomy that, despite being all male, looks an awful lot like a girl. On top of that, said brother also works at the college.

So there we have it. A highly abridged account of how Hazukawa started in his life at a dorm that, whatever else it might be called, is referred to throughout as Greenwood. During the series, he is tricked, fooled, scammed and humiliated. But, after all this, he still refuses to go home! The early episodes are a mixture of stories about Hasukawa himself and the various people around him before the final couple of episodes where he meets a girl, falls in love then makes a total twit of himself trying to sort things out.

This is a very old series by this time, and the artwork certainly shows this as it has all the hallmarks of classic anime without all the CGI crud that infests more modern fare. The stories can be a little tricky to get into as some of it assumes that you are already familiar with the back stories from the manga (I'll assume that there is one, though I've never read it), though a little patience allows you to get over that while some deductive reasoning can often fill the holes. If you are looking for a series about lots of high school girls, however, go find a copy of Lucky Star or something like that since this particular comedy features very few. Besides the one that is the main thrust of the last story, they only pop up as parts of particular gags. It does, however, have plenty of things to commend it, not least that it is funny and that, although there is very little running story through the series, what it does have is good.
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