Review - Kanamemo

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Review - Kanamemo

Postby mistie710 » Wed Sep 29, 2010 11:40 pm

I'm not sure why I tried this one.

It starts out with Kana, a young girl/moeblob, being chased out of her house in which she lived with her Grandmother who, as the story starts, has died. The house is being cleared and this leaves Kana homeless. She starts to look around for live-in work but, apart from a job that looks a bit weird at a newspaper, all she comes up with are refusals or requests for parent's permission which, since they are conspicuous by their absence, Kana can't produce. An accident following this finds Kana brought back to the newspaper place she had seen earlier. It turns out that they need a new body to deliver papers, raise new subscribers and so forth, and being able to cook comes in handy too. Thus Kana becomes the latest recruit to the news business.

Now the above might sound a bit ordinary. Pretty straight forward stuff, really, until you realise that the staff at this paper, the Fuhshin Shinbun, are all pretty odd. For a start, they are all female. For another, two of them are firmly in love with each other and get quite intimate on a few occasions, while another one, a college student, spends most of her time drinking osake and molesting the younger girls of which Kana is one. Even the chief is strange in that, for reasons left unexplained in this thirteen part series, she happens to be a grade schooler (and decidedly tsundere). There's also a girl of Kana's age from a rival paper whom is befriended by Kana early on in the series, and a mysterious former employee who is introduced late in the series and who makes an appearance even later. To say the least of it, it's a bit far fetched!

The art is fairly ordinary TV fare, and the production is nothing out of the ordinary, though I did like the closing theme. I really have a problem with the whole premise of the story, though. I get the feeling that it was either put together by people that were hard up for an idea so tried to write down a few ideas that have worked in the past, jumble them up and draw them out at random, or it was created by somebody with creative deficiency. Not that the series was unpleasant, but you have to question if events such as these are ever likely to happen. Anywhere.
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