Review - Onegai Teacher

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Review - Onegai Teacher

Postby mistie710 » Wed Sep 29, 2010 11:37 pm

Not sure if that's right. The title should probably be something like "Onegai Sensei" though it was marketed by Bandai in the US as "Please Teacher". Goodness knows, the poster has been on my wall for long enough!

Anyway, enough of that. This is a story of a boy who, for reasons unknown, keeps falling into a deathlike coma whenever he gets depressed. One night he wakes up beside a lake having been in one of these and sees a woman appearing from some sort of light. Next day at school, there's big news as the previous teacher of this boy's class has been replaced with a beautiful young woman. What is more, she has moved in next door. After the pair of them are found by the school principal after getting locked in the gym store, the two secretly get married, and the whole mess gets going from there.

A mess it is too, as his close group of friends includes a rather loud boy and his girlfriend who looks slightly like a young female version of Aoi from You're Under Arrest, an Akane Tendo lookalike whose family runs the local grocery shop who just happens to have a crush on the main chara and a girl who is yet another of those Ayanami clones that seem to infest so many shows these days but who turns out to be quite manipulative for reasons that become clear later in the series. Said lead chara also has a secret, namely that one of these "standstills" as he calls these comas, lasted for a whole three years which means that he is now eighteen even though he still looks fifteen, hence the reason why he can get away with the convenient marriage. Actually, the whole thing is a mess of love triangles, oblongs and other assorted shapes.

To be honest, while this isn't actually a bad story, it seems to have ripped off a few too many other shows to make it work well. The catchphrase about commands being "priority one" gets wearing, and the constant barrage of misunderstandings is pure British comedy farce as the two try to enjoy their married life while always desperately trying to hide the situation from an ever intrusive outside world. That isn't to say that it is bad, but with elements that are a little too close to Tenchi-Muyo in some places, Ranma ½ in others, some of the story is almost embarrassing to watch. Even the mother and little sister of said teacher are a bit too like Urd and Skuld from Ah! Megamisama (also known variously as [Ah:Oh[!]] My Goddess[!]).
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