Review - Please Twins

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Review - Please Twins

Postby mistie710 » Wed Sep 29, 2010 11:36 pm

OK, I won't even go down the path of what this series could be translated into as I did enough of that in my last! Suffice to say that this series follows on from Please Teacher.

To be exact, it's a year after the close of that series and starts with a boy who is renting a house alone having moved there from an orphanage. He supports himself by doing paid programming work and is attending the very same high school that the various charas of the previous series go to. By this time, the most notable change is that Morino is now the high school president and, following on from her meddling in the previous series, she has now a considerable setup snooping on the doings of the people in and around the school. What she doesn't know isn't worth knowing.

Anyway, back to the main story, and said boy, known as "Maiku" (you could change this to Mike if you prefer), is alone with only one clue to his heritage; a picture of two small naked children in a paddling pool situated somewhere outside the house. That one of them is him, there's no doubt, but the other child is wearing a hat so, apart from the fact that she is a girl, he knows nothing more. It is something of a surprise then that not just one but two girls come knocking, each claiming to be related, each with a copy of the same photograph, and none of them can work out who are the twins and who is the stranger. Things also start getting messy when both girls fall madly in love with Maiku but neither can make a move in case they are the lost twin. Miina (Mina if you prefer) is an active type while Karen is a little ditzy with a habit of fainting when she gets excited (you know when Karen faints as she normally says "Nyuu". No, she does NOT have horns!)

Actually, though the series does try to avoid the number of ripoffs that the preceding series has, it never quite makes it and, for a number of reasons, can be a bit of a drag. It has all the normal situations that you would expect in this sort of series, including the abortive dates, the shopping trips, the beach episode and so forth but the penchant for inward thinking scenes where each is concerned about whether they were the real thing or just a coincidence is a trifle wearing. Marie also makes a lot of appearances and seems to have taken a liking to "Prech" (as with the perpetual references to "Pochy" in the first series, "Prech" is a variation on the spelling of another popular snack in Japan). I can't say that I was taken a great deal with either series though, if I were to choose one over the other, Please Twins would probably lose out.
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