Review - Diebuster - Aim for the Top 2

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Review - Diebuster - Aim for the Top 2

Postby mistie710 » Sat Nov 06, 2010 5:49 pm

At the end of Gunbuster, we get to see what Noriko does in the war of the humans against the space monsters and what happens to her.

This is not her story. Instead, we go many hundreds of years into the future where a rather clumsy girl called Nono is working in a bar having run away from home. It turns out that she isn't actually human but then what is she? And who is Nonoriri, the person that Nono claims to be her childhood idol? Well, that is one of a number of questions that occur to Lal'C, one of a group of children known as the Fraternity who pilot the current crop of Buster Machines.

After all these years, humanity has lost its knowledge of warp technology, so moving around the galaxy is pretty much ruled out, but that hasn't stopped them colonising a fair amount of the solar system. The trouble is that the space monsters thought defeated in that ancient war have returned and the Fraternity are used to keep these monsters from doing the sort of damage that monsters do. Lal'C, in common with the rest of the Fraternity, is a "Topless", a child with extraordinary mental abilities that can be used to communicate with the Buster Machine and do all sorts of things, usually referred to as "Exotic Manoevres". It turns out, however, that the monsters they are fighting aren't what humanity thinks they are, any more than Nono is human, but there is a lot that humanity has misunderstood as it renews its battle for survival.

Just as with Gunbuster, the show is an affectionate parody of the whole science fiction style of anime, though it deals more closely with the subject of aliens, robots and alien ability than the previous series and leaves the thorny subject of time travel and time dilation alone. It also has a stab at the subject of relationships and does a pretty good job of the whole thing. While Diebuster makes no real attempt to link itself directly with Gunbuster (except at the very end), it does borrow from its predecessor as far as tech and so forth goes and while we never get to see Noriko or big sister Kasumi in this series, Lal'C and Nono certainly make up for it. It's a great story in all.

I would, however, recommend that you watch Gunbuster first since while Diebuster does not rely on the prior work, it does make a few references to subject matter from Gunbuster, especially the references to Nonoriri and some of the tech that was commonplace in Gunbuster, which won't make a lot of sense if you haven't seen it. Sadly, I've not seen any "Science Lesson" features connected with Diebuster but then that hasn't spoiled anything for me.
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