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Update 11-Jul-2016  

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Arena cancels Junior Bangers

Arena Essex has cancelled the Junior Banger fixtures set for July 31 and August 28 due to a low turnout at the Chick Woodroffe Memorial on July 3.

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You can see a selection of photos taken during the 2011 meetings at

Note that photos for previous meetings will still be available on the old reports where shown.

Please note that this photo service has been discontinued but that photos have been taken for 2012, 2013 and 2014 meetings, some of which can be seen at Racepixels
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The Oval racing bulletin board is now open and can be reached by clicking the above graphic or going to http://www.crashnet. It's still in pieces to an extent as I shift the old reports over so please be patient. I also hope to be updating the board with reports from the last couple of years that have not been posted for various reasons and pictures will also follow (though don't forget to try RacePixels for photos including a few of mine!)

Anime Reviews from Hell

If you have an interest in anime, the Crashnet Bulletin Board also hosts "Anime Reviews from Hell" which has been brought back from the grave (and from LiveJournal too!) Not the most comprehensive of review sites ever made, but you might find something there that you wouldn't expect! Click the graphic or go to http://www.crashnet.

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